Are you looking to start or grow your own local business selling world class products?
Manufacturers interested in expanding internationally list their products on our online platform,
PanXpan. In addition to providing ... very favorable margins on those products, manufacturers also
provide an investment budget that you can use to pay for your initial sales, marketing and
distribution efforts. They'll give you the initial capital you need to get your business going. Sell
products from multiple manufacturers to increase the investment amount available to you.


1. Browse our platform and choose a set of products you would like to sell locally. Manufacturers
offer products in the following categories: Food & Beverage, Consumer Electronics, Home
Goods, Furniture, Gift Products, Apparel, Health, Construction, Industrial and Auto/Aerospace.

2. Identify how much investment you would need to sell these products locally. Investment can
cover your initial compensation, sales expenses, marketing expenses, distribution expenses, etc.
Provide manufacturers with a forecast of your investment requirements along with a proposed
sales forecast (what they will get for that investment).

3. Manufacturers will review your offer and may ask you for more information. Interested
manufacturers will accept your offer and start a venture with you on the platform.

4. We'll ask them for your requested investment monthly and pay you based on your agreed
terms. Your job will be to find local customers and obtain orders for your products.

4. Once you have the orders, work with the manufacturers to import the goods and distribute the
products locally to fulfill your orders.


Your compensation will be based on the amount of investment you request from the manufacturer
and the profit margin that you make between the fixed buying price and the selling price you
negotiate with your customers.

To view products and manufacturers that we work with and apply, please visit us at

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